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The majority of Europeans are Christian. Most Christians in Europe are Roman Catholic. Catholicism is the main religion in the Southern part of Western Europe and the northern part of Eastern Europe. Protestantism is commonly practiced in the northern part of Western Europe while many people in Greece, Russia, and southern Europe practice Eastern Orthodoxy. Islam and Judaism are also major religions in Europe. Islam is the main religion primarily in southeast Europe in countries such as Bosnia and Albania.      Moscow
Northern European Plain        The Northern European Plain extends from Russia to France and covers more than half of Europe. The gently rolling landscape of the Northern European Plain is the continent's most productive farmland. Much of Europe's wheat is grown here. Also, the western region of the Northern European Plain contains some of the world's most densely populated urban areas.
The Rhine River, which flows from the Alps in Switzerland to the North Sea, is the busiest waterway in Europe. Like other major European rivers, such as the Danube and the Volga, ships and barges carry freight on the river to several major ports. Goods including coal, petroleum, metallic ores, and cereal grains are transported through these waterways. Dams and electric power plants along the river provide energy to several neighboring countries. The Rhine is also a popular tourist attraction - visitors travel the river to view the beautiful towns, castles, and vineyards.      Russia