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Paris is France's largest city and national capital, and London is the national capital and largest city of the United Kingdom. Both cities are leading cultural centers of Western Europe and popular tourist destinations. Paris and London are known the world over for their theaters, museums, and historical landmarks.       
Northern European Plain       Europe is the birthplace of modern industry. Today Europe produces more manufactured goods than any other continent. Major manufacturing nations in Europe included Britain, France, Germany, and Russia. Factories in these countries produce materials, products, and goods including chemicals, textiles, iron, steel, and automobiles.
The Alps are Europe's largest mountain system. The Alps extend 660 miles in a long arc from Spain to the Balkan Peninsula. At 15,771 feet, Mont Blanc is the tallest Alpine peak. The Alps offer many natural resources, such as iron ore and timber as well as farmland in the valleys. The remarkable landscape and opportunities for mountain climbing make the Alps a popular tourist destination.