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The Nile River is the longest river in the world. Located in eastern Africa, it extends over 4,000 miles through a largely desert area. Most of the farms and cities in northeastern Africa are located along the Nile Valley and the Nile Delta. The river provides irrigation and drinking water for the people of the region.   Nile River
Transportation   Transportation is a major issue in Africa today. Only 60,000 miles of road are paved and in many areas roads are impassible during the rainy season. Less than 2% of all Africans own cars and most of those who do live in cities. Therefore, many rural Africans have to rely on crowded trucks and buses to transport them to and from work.
The Great Rift Valley stretches over 4,000 miles between southeast Africa and southwest Asia, longer than the distance between Anchorage, Alaska, and Miami, Florida. Volcanoes, enormous lakes, and towering mountains are located in the Great Rift Valley. Nature preserves in the Great Rift Valley are home to many of Africa's exotic and endangered animals.   Great Rift Valley