Africa Photo Tour  
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The Sahara in northern Africa is the largest desert in the world. Many landforms, such as mountains, rocky plateaus, and barren, sandy regions, are found here. The average daily temperature in the summer is 90°F and once soared as high as 136°F! Many Arabs and Berbers live in areas of the desert called oases. An oasis is a fertile, vegetated area where underground water comes close to the surface.       Sahara
Office Worker       In the past women in Africa have been denied many of their basic rights, such as the right to vote or own property. In the last fifty years, social changes have advanced the cause of women in Africa; however, much progress is still needed. Some African governments offer training programs to help women learn job skills such as this office worker in Mali.
Many Africans are Muslim . Muslims worship in a building called a mosque such as this one in North Africa. Mosques range from very simple structures to large, ornate buildings. Many mosques have courtyards with fountains that are used for ceremonies. Most mosques have towers, called minarets, which are used to call Muslims to prayer five times a day.    Mosques