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   Like two other South American cities, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, the Argentina's capital, is one of the largest cities in the world. Buildings from the 1700s stand next to modern structures. As in other urban areas, Buenos Aires has many different industries including food processing, rubber production, and textile (cloth) manufacturing.   Lake Titicaca
Andes      More than 375 million people live in South America. The people of South America, like these students in Chile, have many different backgrounds, including Native American, African, European, and Asian ancestry. Most South Americans speak Spanish or Portuguese.
Much of the land in South America is used for ranching and herding. Shepherds like these move livestock across the ranges of South America, such as the grasslands of the Brazilian Highlands and the semi-desert of Argentina. Sheep and cattle are an important part of the South American economy. Cowboys in South America are called gauchos.      Rural Areas